The Day Off - performed at the BFI

Tom Goodman-Hill gave a wonderful performance in The Day Off, as a luckless bus conductor – the role that would have been Tony Hancock’s – at the British Film Institute on Sunday evening, 29 January 2012. This was the first public reading of a script that was written more than half a century ago, in 1961.

The full story of how Hancock rejected the script appeared the same day, in a piece I wrote in the Sunday Telegraph.

Others in the cast included Kevin Eldon, as the Man in the Park, and Susy Kane as Charlotte, the girl Tony falls for. The narrator was Emma Kennedy, and Morwenna Banks, Sara Pascoe, Norman Lovett and Alexander Kirk also featured. The adaptation for stage was by Jonathan Wakeham, and Bill Dare was the director. After the performance, Ray and Alan answered questions from the audience and were applauded with a standing ovation.