'Arry and Edna

Two comedy features in national newspapers, both of them a joy to write: the first is an interview with Susannah Corbett about her biography of her father, the Steptoe actor Harry H Corbett. The book is called The Front End Of The Cow and it’s published by the History Press. This piece appeared in the Observer on Sunday 18 March.

The second feature had a marvellous spread on the Daily Mail’s op-ed page, on Tuesday 20 March. It’s a valediction for Dame Edna Everage, who is being retired by her creator Barry Humphries. She will be missed.

You can read more about the writing of the Dame Edna feature here.

In the Daily Mail

On the evening that the great stand-up comic Frank Carson died, the Daily Mail called me at about 9pm, to ask if I could file an obituary before midnight.

That would have been an impossible task, except that the wonderful Barry Cryer was kind enough to deliver an off-the-cuff encomium to Frank – the two had worked together on the Kenny Everett Show in the Eighties. Baz’s insights were the basis for the whole piece. He’s a joy to talk to, never critical but always able to see past the superficial. And he’s also, quite possibly, the funniest man in Britain.

A few days later, I did another piece for the Mail, about how stand-up comedy thrives during hard times. On this occasion, it was the author and academic Dr Matthew Kerry, lecturer in film and media at Nottingham Trent university, who supplied the really illuminating quotes.

I’m grateful to both Matt and Barry! Here are the features, on the Mail’s website:

Frank Carson Stand-up comedy