The joys of ironing

A new part for the steam iron has arrived. The whole machine has been non-com for a fortnight, since it fell off the ironing board in a domestic disaster which the dog has been blamed for (the dog is always blamed).

The water reservoir cracked, and a leaking steam iron is not much use. I thought at first that the whole thing would have to be replaced, but eventually a spare pare was tracked down, for £8.70 including postage, which cheered me up. This morning it arrived, in time for me to wear a well-pressed shirt to the Observer tomorrow. All left-leaning newspapers do like a fellow to be well turned out.

I have to admit that I enjoy ironing. There's nothing more relaxing than an hour with a mountain of crumpled but fragrant linen and an iPod loaded with back episodes of In Our Time and the Mark Kermode film reviews. Certainly I would never consider sending my shirts out to be pressed by a laundry at a fiver a time; I'm more likely to take in ironing myself.

Now, if you'll excuse me: the iron is bubbling invitingly, and I can't ignore it.